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Chinatown in Fresno is one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods, and while it was founded on segregation, it now embodies Fresno’s cultural and ethnic variety. More than a third of Fresno people built homes and businesses on “the other side of the rails” in the 1880s, and these towns have made substantial contributions to the contemporary Fresno region. While the majority of them are still fighting for economic and social justice, they continue to enrich Fresno’s cultural landscape, which has the potential to become more inclusive. The Fresno Chinatown is an ancient town enclave in the center of downtown Fresno, California. Fresno’s Historic Chinatown was created in 1872 and served as the regional center even before the city of Fresno was incorporated in 1885. When Fresno was founded in the 1860s along a new railroad route, many of the first inhabitants were Chinese brick manufacturers who began constructing a city. They were quickly relocated to the west side of the rails, though. In the nineteenth century, racially separated residential enclaves were popular in California. Around 1872, Chinatown was created. The majority of the cultural and ethnic communities began here. In the Chinatown neighborhood, there were eleven documented groupings of individuals. People from Africa, Armenia, China, Greece, Japan, Italy, Mexico, the Philippines, and Portugal, as well as Basques from Northern Spain and Volga Russians from Germany, are among them. Each carries with them a history and culture that has contributed to Chinatown’s dynamism over time. In Chinatown, Fresno’s best-kept secrets for cuisine, shopping, sights, and noises await discovery. The subterranean tunnels of Fresno Chinatown — alleged secret passageways that connected the various buildings and permitted inconspicuous transit. Historic buildings in Chinatown include the Azteca Theater, First Mexican Baptist Church, Basque Hotel, Fresno Fire Dept. #3, Buddhist Temple, Lake Moon Company Building, Bing Kong Tong Association Building, Komoto’s Dept Store & Hotel, Industrial Bank of Fresno, and Bow on Tong Building. Johnny Quik, Zapateria El Maestro, Fresno Mattress Factory, Central Fish Co, Rosie’s Flower Shop, Slow & Dumb Stupid Clothing, Queen Smoke Shop are some of the shops in Chinatown. Tulare St Bistro, Chef Paul’s Cafe, Cuca’s, Vista Hermosa, Little Hong Kong, Kogetsu-do, La Elegante, Esperanza’s Cocina, Central Fish Co, La Nueva Reyna, Ho Ho Kafe, Artemio’s are some of Chinatown’s restaurants. Full Circle Brewing Company is Fresno’s oldest brewery and is in the midst of California’s Craft Beer Boom in Chinatown. Full Circle has made a reputation for itself not just for its superb beers but also for its devotion to the revitalization of Downtown Fresno. They are dedicated to the ongoing creation of flavored beers.

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