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Woodward Park

Woodward Park, located in northern Fresno, has been designated one of the greatest neighborhoods to live in Fresno because of its highly ranked public schools, wonderful restaurants, and charming stores. Inhabitants pick Woodward Park for its tranquil and small-town ambiance, which gives residents a rural sense. Woodward Park is an upscale area that appeals to the active adult owing to its many parks, walking paths, and outdoor activities. It is ideal for young professionals and families. Living in Woodward Park also comes with a sense of relaxation and an extra layer of protection, since it has the lowest crime rate of any Fresno area. This may be an essential issue to consider when picking a neighborhood if you have small children or are relocating alone. If you choose to relocate to Woodward Park, you will immediately fall in love with the area’s acres of open space and lovely forested regions. Woodward Park is one of Woodward Park’s most well-known landmarks. Since the area, Woodward Park, is named after Ralph Woodward, who also donated 235 acres to Fresno as a park, Woodward Park, it’s a bit of a play on words. That was in 1968, and the preservation of this area, along with the 65 acres added by the City of Fresno, creates a 300-acre wild and groomed green space. In many ways, the Woodward Park and Bird Sanctuary are advantageous to Woodward Park real estate. In NE Fresno’s Woodward Park, the Shinzen Friendship Garden is as real a Japanese-style landscape garden as one might conceive in a semi-arid region. Shinzen Friendship Garden Inc. is a symbol of peace that was built by the local Japanese-American community. There’s also a koi pond and a teahouse here, so it’s not only a peaceful location for meditation. Because dwellings border the preserve, it boosts property values. Because of this perspective, homes have an ever-increasing value. The San Joaquin River and a variety of waterfowl may be seen in the preserve. You can start to see the impact such a location has on home values. As a result, it should come as no surprise that housing is scarce. People buy, but they rarely sell. This is a peaceful, laid-back community with an abundance of greenery. In the Woodward Park neighborhood, there are 11 schools. The Young Chef’s Academy, for example, is one of those institutes that offers specialized training. Traditional schools, on the other hand, are plentiful in the area. People are concerned about their safety when deciding where to reside, and Woodward Park has the lowest crime rating of all Fresno communities.

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