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Sunnyside, located on Fresno’s extreme southeast side, is a fantastic neighborhood. This neighborhood, which is bordered by the main freeways Kings Canyon Avenue and Clovis Avenue, is well-known for being a wonderful area to reside. The majority of the homes here were built between the 1950s and the 1970s, while there has been a recent spike in new home development, which is ideal for seniors and families. Sunnyside is conveniently accessible and provides a stress-free commute to downtown due to its proximity to surrounding freeways.  The area’s Sunnyside homes for sale range from historic to modern. These have a pleasant texture to them. Classic homes are still large and spacious, but modern homes feature all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a modern home. The historic houses and beautiful palm trees in the Sunnyside High School vicinity are well-known. Kings Canyon, the major route that goes through the neighborhood, has become a retail and dining attraction. Sunnyside’s highlight is the Sunnyside Golf & Country Club, a groomed golf course. The plethora of distinctive, historic residences is one of Sunnyside’s best features. The area is also significant in Fresno’s history. Because Sunnyside is so inexpensive, most people choose to own rather than rent.  If you’re relocating with school-aged children, you’ll be relieved to learn that Sunnyside offers a diverse range of well-ranked public schools. Sunnyside High School is a local high school that kids may expect to attend. Sunnyside High School is located on Peach Street between Kings Canyon and Butler in South East Fresno. In the neighborhood and community, this school serves around 6600 kids and their families. Hallmark Charter School, Design Science Middle College High School, and University High School are among the most popular schools.  Sunnyside Country Club is a posh suburb in Fresno with a well-manicured private country club and championship golf course. This country club, which has been open since 1911, has earned the distinction of being the nicest in the Central Valley. Sunnyside Diner offers a wide variety of home-cooked food as well as excellent service. Order a cheeseburger, breakfast burrito, or teriyaki chicken from this restaurant that serves a variety of cuisines. Traditional Italian foods such as pasta and pizza are served at Di Cicco’s Sunnyside. Prepare to be enthralled with the fresh bread and butter that will be served with your meal. Fulton Street Coffee, a popular coffee shop is a terrific location to get up with friends or catch up on work. There’s always something to savor, from espresso and chai tea to delectable pastries.

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