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Lowell, in Fresno, is one of the city’s most attractive and historically significant neighborhoods, as seen by the Victorian mansions that line its streets. The neighborhood is bounded on the north by Freeway 180, the south by Divisadero, and the east by Blackstone. The neighborhood developed in the 1880s, when Fresno needed to expand beyond its original town grid, which ran parallel to the Southern Pacific Railroad tracks from Northern California to Los Angeles, due to fast expansion. Farmland north of the city was partitioned into arrays of rectangular blocks aligned north-south in the early 1900s, a 45-degree change from the ancient grid. One of Fresno’s original developments, the Lowell Neighborhood, is nestled between the Tower District and the Mural/Cultural Arts District. The area is named for abolitionist poet James Russell Lowell, who attended Lowell Elementary School. The area welcomes all families to live here because of its strong sense of community and high-quality schools, and it’s time you joined them. Lowell is presently one of Fresno’s most diversified communities. The desire to be close to downtown and public transportation was more important than your neighbor’s economic status in the Lowell Neighborhood. Unlike the socioeconomic division that exists everywhere in the city and across the country, the Lowell Neighborhood was built from the ground up to be organic and varied. The Lowell Neighborhood is a mix of mansions, mid-sized homes, bungalow courts, and apartments that dates back to the late 1800s and is one of Fresno’s original subdivisions. With recently finished infill and rehab work inside the area, several historically significant structures remain intact in the neighborhood. Each of these homes was built around the turn of the century and has a distinct architectural style that has been preserved thanks to the owners’ love and care. Lowell was built before city planning and zoning helped cities become more homogeneous. On the same blocks, there are mansions, mid-sized residences, bungalow courts, and apartments. As a result, children from wealthier and lower socioeconomic backgrounds grew up together. Martin Park is a unique park located in the middle of Fresno’s Lowell neighborhood, just north of downtown. Martin Park’s mission is to make parks a safe place for families and adolescents to gather and play, as well as receive tutoring, food, clothes, and other necessities. Most significantly, it is a place where people can be disciplined and find hope. The neighborhood used to be known as the Devil’s Triangle, but that is no longer the case.

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