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Fresno Discovery Center

The Fresno Discovery Center is without a doubt one of the greatest and most enjoyable locations to visit in Fresno, California, especially if you’re bringing your children with you! This scientific education facility, which opened in 1954, is meant to pique visitors’ interest via hands-on, interactive displays and learning experiences that cover a wide range of topics in environmental and physical science. The Discovery Center is located on a five-acre park that includes a number of outdoor activities. The Deutsch Cactus Garden, Miwok Indian homes, a tortoise cage, a historical barn, and even a Dino Dig are among the attractions. Magnets, space, electricity, antiquities, paleontology, natural sciences, and even Native American basketry are among the themes covered in the interior exhibitions. Walking around will provide you and your family with unique and entertaining opportunities to learn more about dinosaurs, botany, and electricity. There are so many activities to choose from that no one will be bored, and everyone will find something to their liking. The Center exhibits celebrate Fresno culture and are meant to stimulate visitors’ scientific imaginations, increase their confidence and competence, and inspire them to test, tinker, create, and marvel! Touching, exploring, manipulating, experimenting, and hands-on learning are all examples of how our display philosophy responds to a person’s desire to learn via physical encounters. The park spans 5 1/2 acres and features a grassy meadow, tortoise habitat, and cactus garden, as well as picnic tables, bathrooms, and several green places for families to enjoy. The Deutsch Cactus Garden is a unique garden with over 250 distinct cactus and succulent species. Since 1995, the garden has been located at The Fresno Discovery Center in Fresno, California, where it has been meeting the demands of cactus enthusiasts as well as interested youngsters eager to learn more about the world of cacti and succulents. Take a stroll along the route to see this fascinating world of rare desert flora. The foundation of the Fresno Discovery Center is charity. Frank Reedy donated money to the City of Fresno in order to purchase land that had previously belonged to the Roessler family in order to create a green space or public park for the “children of Fresno.” In appreciation of Frank Reedy’s generous contribution, this area was called Reedy Park. In 1954, Reedy Park and the Fresno Jr. Museum of Science and Natural History were built on the property. The Fresno Discovery Center has a long and illustrious history, and it continues to be a popular location for student field excursions. The name was changed to Fresno Discovery Center in 2018. In recent years, the Fresno Discovery Center has provided a variety of educational programming possibilities for schools all around the Central Valley, from Bakersfield to Stockton. The Center now serves over 26,000 visitors and members yearly, including over 12,000 school students who attend school field excursions.

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