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Fresno Blossom Trail

Spring brings a splash of color to Fresno, especially in the fruit and nut orchards on the city’s southeast side. The Fresno Blossom Trail leads you through the greatest things to view relating to fresh blossoms, abundance, and rich soil, demonstrating the area’s agriculture’s life and beauty. In Fresno County, spring tends to arrive early, with a frenetic display of blossoming fruit and nut trees. The Fresno County Blossom Trail, made up of the county’s orchards, is adorned in rosy sprays of peach and nectarine petals, pink bouquets of apricot flowers, and white blazes of almonds, plums, and apples, starting in mid-February and lasting roughly three weeks. On this brilliant 62-mile circle southeast of Fresno, drivers, bikers, and photographers may bask in the floral splendor.  Begin your journey at Simonian Farms, a fruit stand established in 1901 and run by the Simonian family for four generations. Its enormous red barn contains a miniature Western town with a saloon, chapel, barbershop, and schoolhouse. Explore their collection of old balloon-tire bikes, reconditioned gasoline pumps, and vintage tractors. (Look above—they’re strung from the ceiling.) Pick up a Blossom Trail driving guide, as well as a few bags of French burned peanuts and dried nectarines before you go. Driving clockwise, you’ll soon arrive at the Blossom Trail Cafe, where diners enjoy pancakes and huevos rancheros in comfortable booths. Stop by the Fruit Station in Centerville for local honey and preserves. Alternatively, keep traveling east: the longer you travel, the more vibrant the countryside becomes. The snow-capped Sierra Nevada shines white in the background when the picture gods smile, while bright yellow mustard blossoms beneath the fruit tree canopy. Turn right on Frankwood Avenue just beyond the little hamlet of Minkler, or continue your circle into Orange Cove, following the nearby Orange Blossom Trail through white-flowered lemon and orange groves. (If you’re driving south on Frankwood Avenue, stop at Cedar View Winery, which has acres of almond, nectarine, and peach blooms, and roll down your windows to smell the exquisite perfume of citrus flowers.) While there, sample the vineyard’s Tempranillo and learn about the rare Alicante Bouschet grape. Either road will ultimately bring you to Reedley, where your kids may ride a small steam train (yep, it’s genuine steam) around Hillcrest Farm’s peach and plum orchards. The proprietors create their own unique locomotives, railway carriages, and track. The Fresno Blossom Trail is one of the hallmarks of California springs’ peace and beauty. Along the self-guided tour track, there are citrus trees, wineries, and more. You’ll want to time your Blossom Trail journey if you want it to be one of the most romantic things you can do with your sweetheart. Between the middle of February and the middle of March, the most spectacular colors and blooms may be observed.

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